Mission / Vision

Vision and Mission
Our Vision is to create, as a team, an enjoyable and motivating environment where everyone is able to learn. We share practices, learn from each other, have a clear communication and high expectations. We believe that International Mindedness is central to our school. We celebrate this by learning about, respecting and understanding a broad variety of cultures. This is achieved through the guidance of teachers who are equipped with cultural knowledge and sensitivity. Our school community is passionate about learning and developing student’s talents.  
Through this, we are creating learners who are: 
• Resourceful, confident problem-solvers
• Adaptable resilient learners
• Global citizens who are taught not what to think but how to think
• Curious and open-minded about the world around them
• Inquisitive, accepting and knowledgeable 
Our Mission is to inspire a passion for learning and empower children to develop to their full potential.